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Failed Kickstarters

Kickstarter Fail: We looked at the crazy Rezzimax Tuner and LAUGHED

More kickstarter ‘get rich quick’ ideas. We’re starting to highlight more of these and their marketing tricks just due to the fact that they are all starting to raise serious


REVIEW: FiveFourClub, AVOID, It Should be renamed Cheap Clothing Club

So we decided to sign up for the FiveFourClub, a couple weeks ago, and we paid their standard $60, for our first month supply of clothes. When you sign up

Tech & Startups

CopyCat Logos: ClassPass and ClarityMoney

Even the color scheme is extremely similar, So original! Though I believe ClassPass’s logo came first, as ClarityMoney is still in beta, but at least they reversed the order of which


Oh Netflix, charging more for less

I used to think that Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime, Amazon Prime were striving to become more like Netflix, when actually Netflix is striving to be more like Hulu and HBO Go.

Tech & Startups

I don’t think Tidal is very good at sending emails.

And no, I checked to make sure gmail wasn’t blocking the images, they just seem to forgot to actually include them.

Tech & Startups

Did an Amazon Delivery Driver Steal A Purse?

  Comment from discussion Amazon driver steals wallet today. When contacted their only response is “We have over 500 drivers we cant help you.”. Uh Oh, guess Amazon isn’t paying

Tech & Startups

AirHelp is tricking VC’s out of $12 million

Our favorite fluff blog TechCrunch isn’t quite sure what AirHelp’s status is, they have either already raised $12 Million, “AirHelp raises $12 million to deal with airline customer service for you”

Tech & Startups

Walmart Buying Jet? Jet worth 3 Billion? Ha!

Reports are out that Walmart is in talks or at in their research phase of buying  Yep! the retailer who has only been out for slightly over 1

Tech & Startups

Gett doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “Free”

Free Rides Anywhere in Manhattan for only $10. Not sure they understand what free means.

Tech & Startups

Apple’s Right To Privacy Chant doesn’t Apply To All Cases

There was some news earlier this week how one of the largest piracy/torrent sharing websites, KickAss Torrents, was closed down by the FBI. Now the most interesting part of this

Tech & Startups

Want to F with Unilever who bought Dollar Shave Club?

In case you haven’t heard the latest in startup news, Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club last night for close to 1 Billion. Pretty ingenious for a company who only exists to buy

Tech & Startups

Surprise! The Barracuda Bag has now pushed their ship date to Aug.

Surprise! Last month we wrote about them and how their ship dates kept shipping, and how their company structure was falling apart and how people were running away from the


Part 2: Don’t accept jobs from these people from PannaCooking

Last week we wrote that Panna Cooking may be luring editors in with job postings, asking them to edit a sample video, and then offering them a position and disappearing, but

Tech & Startups

Review/Warning: Panna May Lie to Freelancers for Free Work

It appears the website PannaCooking may be short on money, so be extremely weary before giving them any money. There’s a report that comes in from Pierre Stefanos: Wow, some people

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