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And down Gmail Goes, It’s not just you, it’s everyone!

Are you also getting this error with the entire internet?    


Who is Your AirBNB Host?

There’s currently an AD floating around that was put out by an Anti-AirBNB Hotel group that’s trying to make the point that you never know who’s in your building when


Fresh Direct Valentine’s Day Scam

Every year, around Valentines day, there’s a handful of people who want to give someone special a bouquet of flowers, and they go about ordering from what they feel like


T-Mobile’s response to Verizon Unlimited (UPDATING)

These tweets are happening right now! Refresh that browser. 1/ No shock that @Verizon finally decided to show up. And I don’t blame them for caving. What choice did they


Juicero, the overpriced juicer $350 > $699 >$399 + $$$

What a great idea? A simple way to make cold pressed juice at home, wait how much is it? $399? (Which is the price at the time of this post,

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Was Apple’s $650 Trade-In Promo because of iPhone 6 & 6S Flaws?

Here is an interesting conspiracy theory for you… Remember when the iPhone 7 first launched in September and every provider was offering a $650 trade-in credit if you gave them any iPhone


NYPOST: Everything we love to eat is a scam

Fantastic article that covers the state of food in NYC and elsewhere today, it def pays to be a smart consumer when eating out. Think you’re getting Kobe steak when

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Theranos and Thriva? Or Thriva and Theranos.

Well this is funny, almost a week after Theranos’s Valuation dropped down to 0, another startup that does the exact same thing jumps onto the market.  Also with a T name…

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No one wants to work at Yahoo

Were all 53 Yahoo Acquisitions purely for talent hires? It’s a very common trend in the tech world to buy companies not for the actual company, but for the talented

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The Patent Scam

A great post coming from reddit today, thanks /u/MrOmnos. There’s not a whole lot new with this video if you’ve been following Patent Trolls for a while, but basically people


Verizon Guy – This is gonna be one hell of a lawsuit, Sprint vs. Verizon

The “Can you hear me now?” Verizon guy has switched sides! [Source: The Verge] If this reminds anyone of another recent battle it was with Sony suing Kevin Butler (Jerry


And….. Most of Apple’s Services go down.

It’s been a while since apple has had this many services go down all at once. But wow. EDIT: 5:40PM some of their services are starting to come back up,

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WARNING: TeamViewer may have been hacked or they are reusing passwords

Urgent post from reddit /u/Executioner1337. This issue is not getting enough attention, please spread it. Users are reporting breaches, and thousands of dollars have been stolen with the client, all


Remember Homejoy? They have been reborn as Homeaglow…

And it actually seems like it could have potential.  The new strategy is to let cleaners set their own rates, this more or less means that they have taken all