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HomeLight, did you know you’re running an inactive AD?

Hey HomeLight, I know you only have 436 followers on twitter, but if you’re spending money running advertisements on Gawker/Taboola, you might want to make sure they are active. So

Tech & Startups

T-Mobile clones h3h3Productions’s Sim for Hackers

The hacked worked like this, Hackers called T-Mobile with an empty sim card pretending to be a T-Mobile employee wanting to clone a sim, they said they worked at a


Theranos and Thriva? Or Thriva and Theranos.

Well this is funny, almost a week after Theranos’s Valuation dropped down to 0, another startup that does the exact same thing jumps onto the market.  Also with a T name…

Tech & Startups


In a published blog post on their website, the Shaken Team writes: Last week we shipped the final Shaken box: this is the end of our startup. That’s the hardest

Real Life

Verizon Guy – This is gonna be one hell of a lawsuit, Sprint vs. Verizon

The “Can you hear me now?” Verizon guy has switched sides! [Source: The Verge] If this reminds anyone of another recent battle it was with Sony suing Kevin Butler (Jerry

Tech & Startups

The Website John Oliver used to buy dept

Well after a bit of research, we found the link so you too can register a business in the state of Mississippi here’s the link to the Business Services page..

Products misleads users, lists two prices on ADs

Another fantastic Facebook ad, “Your personal bookkeeping team, from $135/month.” or do we listen to the video? “Your personal bookkeeping team, starting at $125/month.” Is preparing for a price


Remember Homejoy? They have been reborn as Homeaglow…

And it actually seems like it could have potential.  The new strategy is to let cleaners set their own rates, this more or less means that they have taken all


REVIEW: Is this Barracuda Bag the next scam or Vaporware? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom – Ship date is now JULY! Ha! As you know I love reading Facebook ADs, I love seeing what everyone is advertising now and then


Facebook + Oculus Rift = Ultimate Spying Machine

Reports are now coming in that when you install Oculus Home from Facebook/Oculus, the license agreement states that  Oculus Home you’re giving ‘facebook permission to install services that monitor your PC


Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for ‘Profitable’

Check out this article over at Bloomberg Tech, “Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for ‘Profitable’“.  Obviously it’s something that more and more people are finally becoming aware of,

Reality TV

Jail sentence for YouTube Pranksters/Social Experiment = YAY

Are you a YouTuber? Do you love filming prank videos? I mean, do you love filming social experiments? Well your time may slowly be coming to an end. Hey, finally

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