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Failed Kickstarters

REVIEW: Is this Barracuda Bag the next scam or Vaporware? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom – Ship date is now JULY! Ha! As you know I love reading Facebook ADs, I love seeing what everyone is advertising now and then


Is Apple finally going to update the Apple Cinema Display with USB 3.0?

Could the day finally be here? When Apple updates hardware that is no longer relevant? The current version of the Apple Cinema Display hasn’t been updated in 6.7 YEARS, that’s


Work at an Apple Store and receive Death Threats

There’s a great interview over at Business Insider, they interviewed a former Apple store employee.  Our highlights are below, but if you have time, jump over there and read the full


Tesloop is tricking blogs into thinking it’s more than a Taxi with Teslas.

Tesloop is currently all over the internet trying to get everyone to think it’s doing something groundbreaking by saying it’s offering city-to-city autonomous travel inside of a tesla. Sorry Tesloop,

Tech & Startups

Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for ‘Profitable’

Check out this article over at Bloomberg Tech, “Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for ‘Profitable’“.  Obviously it’s something that more and more people are finally becoming aware of,


Vice + ESPN = No Viewers

Is Vice the next Al Jazeera? Remember back in 2013 when they took over Al Gore’s, Current TV? They went on that massive hiring spree across the US. Currently Vice

Tech & Startups

Amazon launches restaurant delivery while taking a big 27.5% from restaurants

Amazon PrimeNow, just like Uber, Eat24, Seamless, Grubhub, now offer restaurant delivery. You can find the news all over the internet, so I won’t bore you with the details,

Tech & Startups

Is Apple’s investment in Chinese Company Didi Chuxing in exchange for their App Store Back?

Apple recently had their iTunes and App store turned off in china. The rumored reasoning was due to Apple refusing to remove a piece of media that the Chinese government


Quaker Oats Hit With Lawsuit After Pesticides Found in ‘100% Natural’ Oatmeal

The plaintiffs are claiming false advertising. A lawsuit filed against Quaker Oats calls into question the company’s claims that its product is 100 percent natural. The New York Times reports


ClassPass’s bubble has burst! [PART 2]

The other day we wrote about ClassPass’s bubble bursting, and how their scheme to lure in users and rob gyms blind has failed. Any they are continuing with their path


Soul-Cycle Founders Cash Out before 10 year anniversary!

Not only has Class Pass’s bubble start to burst, but it’s looking like Soul-Cycle’s bubble is just about here as well.  Soul-Cycle was started a decade ago with an Upper-West

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Subway is hilariously promising something for 2025

Subway, the company that may have ignored warnings that it’s spokesperson liked kids a tad too much, has recently put out two press releases in the last few months. October 20th,


GoPro Uh Oh – Drops 15% After-Hours Following Q3 Earnings Miss

If you need any more of a reason to know that the GoPro fad is over here it is. In a statement, GoPro CEO and founder Nicholas Woodman said “business in the