GoPro Uh Oh – Drops 15% After-Hours Following Q3 Earnings Miss


If you need any more of a reason to know that the GoPro fad is over here it is.

In a statement, GoPro CEO and founder Nicholas Woodman said “business in the third quarter was clearly more difficult than anticipated.”

Why did Wall Street and Everyone forget about the pocket cameras from just a few years ago?

How did no one realize this was the EXACT same problem that Kodak and Cisco (Flip) ran into just a few years ago.


It’s the same problem, they were both great sets of products, however people only use the basic level of it, no matter how many filters, effects, that you toss at it, there’s no reason for users to really upgrade.

When users stop upgrading, there’s not enough profit to keep the company going.


Source: TechCrunch

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