Work at an Apple Store and receive Death Threats

Work at an Apple Store and receive Death Threats

From ClipArtBest

From ClipArtBest

There’s a great interview over at Business Insider, they interviewed a former Apple store employee.  Our highlights are below, but if you have time, jump over there and read the full scoop.

“Every Apple store has a business team. So if you come in and say you’re a business customer, there are other services Apple can offer you in-store. [One customer came into the store] trying to buy an accessory, [and the store’s staff] upsold them to a different product that was about twice the price but had more features.”

“They did try to fix that with a “Lead and Learn” programme, where you train on the shop floor by acting as a manager without being a manager.”

“We got a very small pay rise every year — of about 20 pence an hour. We aren’t allowed to discuss salary with our colleagues. My salary started at £7.20 and ended on £8.08… [ED: Just over £0.80 for working from 2011-2015]”

“About once a day I was called a bitch for not knowing how something worked. Once someone came in to complain about a device that wasn’t even an Apple product, but a third party accessory. I apologised for it not working and said I’d do my best to help him out, and he called me a “lazy fucking bitch” for not knowing exactly what the issue was, and that I should be fired and “go to hell.””

“I had a friend who was working on the accessories wall and a customer literally pushed her.”

“I have had death threats before. I had someone, I can’t even remember why — it may have been an out-of-warranty fix — who told me that because we wouldn’t repair it for free that they would wait outside until I finished work to run me down with their car.”

“…you are an Apple STORE employee, not an Apple employee.”

Read the full article here.



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