Is using hacked accounts to promote itself? (Evidence Inside)

Is using hacked accounts to promote itself? (Evidence Inside)

Medium has an apparent problem when it comes to spammers, numerous companies are using the platform to give the appearance of legitimacy, we’ve seen it with other companies using them to post ‘ads’ and then using mediums premium search ranking and url to make it easy for ads to post on the platform.

Yesterday we saw this with a ‘new company’ called, which is trying to ‘revolutionize the rental car industry with that sexy blockchain-buzzword’.

We stumbled onto this company via /r/nyc subreddit, as you can see below.

But some fun takeaways from their medium post is:

Mix Rent LP plans to hold up to 4% of the world vehicle rental market a year after its ICO is complete, and 3 years after that, we intend to hold up to 10% of the world market.”

Yeah, so within 3 years, they believe they will be able to get 10% of the WORLD vehicle rental market. Quite the ambitious goal.

But the most annoying portion of all this, is that it would appear it was spam posted to the subreddit, shortly after it started to get downvoted, the user deleted the post, but shortly after they then commented on a redditors comment, telling them that they didn’t actually post this.

So not only is this company posting on Medium, then linking to this company across the other websites, they would appear to be using hacked accounts in order to do it.



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