CANCELED: Why is everyone trying to create their own music festival?

CANCELED: Why is everyone trying to create their own music festival?

Two more festivals were canceled during the past month. It seems that even with the FYRE festival being quite the good example as to how not to create a music festival, people with little experience are still trying to jump into the music festival game.

XO Festival canceled the week before their festival was set to begin.  Above and Beyond announced their festival wouldn’t be happening, however they gave people 6 months notice, as it wasn’t scheduled till January 2019.

Ultra Beijing was probably the biggest surprise of all of these, Ultra is a massive festival brand with a huge reputation, but in the last year they have announced major expansions to their brand, including targeting Australia, India, and China with massive 2-3 day festivals.  But has the Ultra Worldwide brand attempted to become too big too fast?

If you click through UMF’s, you’ll see that there are festivals that don’t even have 2018 dates yet, Ultra Brazil, Chile, and Shanghai for instance. It wasn’t until 3 days before that Ultra Beijing was set to begin that an announcement was finally made.

What’s going on? Is everyone obsessed with the potential gold at the end of the music festival braided rainbow?

XO Music Festival


Above and Beyond Anjunabeach, Riviera Maya


Ultra: Beijing

This one wasn’t ever offically canceled, they just stopped updating fans and the dates came and went after phase 1 was announced.



Notice how the lineups weren’t even published by Ultra’s own twitter feeds.




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