Is Door Dash overcharging customers?

Is Door Dash overcharging customers?

Interesting news from Reddit regarding Door Dash, have you placed any orders during a promo period? CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS. Sounds like they may or may not have a programming bug, this user had nearly $40 owed to him.  That’s no small amount.  DoorDash is already facing increased competition and their high delivery fees are already driving away their customers.  Their GlassDoor review is as low as you can get.

Door Dash is a food delivery site such as Grubhub. Door Dash has a subscription service that users can subscribe to for $10/month and they are then provided with free delivery on orders over $15, as well as reduced service fees.

On at least 3 of my orders now I have had to contact Door Dash to let them know that my subscription has not applied the free delivery or reduced service fees to my order. My money has been returned to me each time (totaling nearly $40 at this point), but I do not believe that they will be returning money to customers that do not point out the issue themselves.

I asked the agent if they plan to contact customers to alert them to this glitch and they skirt the question by saying they are addressing the issue. I asked if they will identify customers that have been overcharged and they say that they are addressing the issue. It seems to me that this company is planning to keep all of the funds they have taken from customers via this glitch.

I feel like this company should be ousted or that somehow customers should be notified! Is there anything I can do in this situation?



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