EMAIL: “We’re not “bubbly””, from

EMAIL: “We’re not “bubbly””, from Email

No one gave us money and we’re not “bubbly” and I don’t jump up and down. Unless I’m jumping rope and that only happens. Um, wait that doesn’t happen. But awesome post! (Sense sarcasm).

The TNO Team

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

We’ve received a reply from a fan! I’m glad that no one gave you money, because your site doesn’t deserve any, it shouldn’t cost anything more than $10 a month to host your website. But even though you say no one has given you any money, it sounds like someone is about to make the poor choice to.
But either way, we love you too! 🙂

Editors Note:
We are a big fan of email from the sites that we review, so please keep sending those emails! And because deep down we really do care, we’re more than happy to re-review websites once your issues have been ‘straightened’ out.

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