Well this website wins for another bad domain name, it seems to be playing off the idea of UHF, VHF, but since it’s only for web content, you’re now apart of the X frequency.

But oh boy would I rather adjust those outdated antennas that use this ‘new’ frequency…

This [Mashable] post (I should warn you that this post is both written and reads just like an advertisement) says that this service “[] helps discover, share and watch video from around the web in one spot.”. Great, a website built around the idea to waste time on the internet and just another video aggregating service that acts like twitter. In other words the brains behind this site somehow think that you will log onto another web service just to post your video links, and that you’re going to convince all of your friends to sign up for this web service, follow you, just so they can see your web links. Stupid Right?

Currently the service is in beta, hidden behind a wall of gimme your email address now, so I can try and convince you to create an account to boost our user registration numbers later. 🙂 But to give people a little taste of their junky service they’ve posted a video which showcases their ‘offices’ (someone’s house), and what the service is about. The video walks you through how to post a video, and share it with your friends and followers on the site. The video does also demonstrate how slow their servers are or how slow their code is processing on the site. “Give it a quick reload”, is my favorite quote around the 1:00min mark, followed by :09 seconds of waiting and the video finally appears! I would have quit the site after the first :02 seconds of nothing happening.

VHX Demo – Rough cut from IreneFace on Vimeo.

So in summary, this site = large waste of money, it’s entire website is built around the idea that you’re going to somehow convince all your web and real life friends to sign up for another service, and will share video links exclusively through them. Why post to youtube, facebook, twitter, where you have all your friends, when you can post it to a completely no-name webservice that has a really slow response time, that’s only built in flash?! If this site ever actually finds a way to convince people to actually do this, and can make money off it it I’ll be shocked beyond belief.

I’m sorry but VHX co-founders Jamie Wilkinson and Casey Pugh, who in the world thought that this was a good idea and WHO gave you money?!





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  1. Leon Lewis
    April 26, 10:47

    I’ve actually found to be pretty useful. Main reason—> it aggregates the best video content from the friends I choose and plays all of those videos one after the other like television programming. Instead of having to click through countless links and crappy videos JUST TO FIND ONE QUALITY VIDEO, I get to pull up vhx and enjoy countless quality videos. Hulu is now my second choice when it comes to watching video online. I have a couple more invites left if you’d like to check it out… let me know!

  2. Frida Mar
    June 26, 14:41

    This company is a fraud, and has flawed business practices. They changed the terms of my subscription from charging me $1.99/mo to $7.99/mo. It took me several months to realize what they were doing, and upon contacting them they offered no solution other than saying that b/c they emailed me this was agreement enough for them to start withdrawing additional funds from my banking account. Never do business with VHX.TV or anyone who uses their platform.

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