Wow, if one more coupon clipping/deal saving/give us your money before the time expires website pops up, that’s it! I’ll give up on all ideas of the web being a great place.

Peek A Boo Mobile, besides having a horrible name that sounds like you’re playing a game with a little child web app that’s harvesting data for advertisers, is a website that tries to save you money!

‘Tell us where you live, and we’ll list all deals from anyplace that lets us aggregate the deals from’ these deals will probably not have any relevance to what you’re actually looking for, and probably won’t be of any use to you, but it will give us a bunch of advertiser hits and will make us some money.’ -kthxbye

Well, surely they do other things as well, and yes, yes they do, they allow you to digitally clip coupons for advertisements, walk in with your iphone, show the cashier your iphone and scan away and watch your savings come off. Great idea in theory, and I’d love it if places actually did this, but so far, after living in 4 different states with 4 different brands of supermarkets and local chain grocery stores, they have all refused to even consider taking a digital or printed coupon. There really must be a small percentage of retailers that will even consider something that comes from the internet, apparently it just screams fraud.

So who threw their money away on this site? nSphere did! Apparently close to seven figures of wasted money happened on this deal.



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