I think this site wins the award for most attempts at buying a domain name. I can only imagine the company typing in every possible version of this only snaping their fingers once they discover the following domains were taken:
thatsnotokayny?! Is the winner?!

Great, so they have a domain name, now what, the entire content of the site is based around things being ‘ok’, or ‘not ok’. It seems that the entire site is based around a sexual nature of responses, apparently (the girls) think a lot of things aren’t ok. Judging by a lot of the responses I’d guess that not a lot of their demographic is Men, but that’s ok we have twiapp, textsfromlastnight, and other great websites that include pictures.

Their advertising strategy isn’t great, they’ve placed a couple advertisements on the right side of the page that are static images with zero tracking capabilities, and I’ll just assume that they are friends of the company, no big deal.

Now the idea behind the website itself isn’t horrible, it’s entertainment, inspiration, etc.. it’s a weekend project that a couple high school or college kids probably did and launched a website.

IF only, the main purpose of this post isn’t just to discuss the website, it’s to discuss an investors mistake to think that an actually entertaining tv show could be had from this website. [TMZ]

Kelsey Grammer, has been tricked into thinking that there’s some sort of tv show behind this website, what show could you possibly produce that follows the jumping up and down dreams of 3 single bubbly girls in NYC? Like.. O M G…

This is definitely NOT ok, and the question is this, Who gave them money?!

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