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Disgraced Cheating Site Ashley Madison Claims It Has Millions of Users That Totally Aren’t Bots This Time

The supposed growth is especially surprising given that the site experienced a massive data breach in July 2015 that exposed thousands of names and addresses of adulterers including thousands of

Bad Politics

The GOP Just Tweeted a Fake Quote From Abraham Lincoln

This comes to us from Gizmodo. In fact, the quote probably originates from the 1940s. As the website Quote Investigator notes, a version of the quote was probably first uttered


Free: 180-Days of TIDAL HiFi Music Subscription

We came across this deal earlier via slickdeals. [WhoGaveThemMoney Note] An overall review of this app is that it currently offers the only option for you to listen to your music

Tech & Startups

Space Laws + #FAA + #SpaceX

Gizmodo posted an article last week questioning if Elon Musk’s Crazy Mars Plan is Even Legal, but the summary is basically this: In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Tech & Startups

It’s definitely not all sugar and spice at Blue Apron

It’s learning that tech startups still have to take care of their warehouse staff. BuzzFeed has learned that Blue Apron’s Richmond, California fulfillment center has had numerous crime and safety

Tech & Startups

Of course another kickstarter is under investigation

Is anyone surprised at this point? Everyones favorite 40 lb cooler is currently investigation from the Oregon Department Of Justice.  Why? Well two years later, all of the original backers still don’t

Tech & Startups

Facebook Fails to Show Up for Seventh Tax Summons From IRS

Facebook fails to Show Up for Seventh Tax Summons From IRS – Facebook Inc. officials failed to show up after getting seven summonses from the Internal Revenue Service demanding internal

Real Life

NYPOST: Everything we love to eat is a scam

Fantastic article that covers the state of food in NYC and elsewhere today, it def pays to be a smart consumer when eating out. Think you’re getting Kobe steak when


Free Conan360° Google Cardboard VR Viewer

Free Conan360° Google Cardboard VR Viewer @ Team CoCo’s website, get yours here.  


Google Chrome – Recover Malware?

Funny warning message that comes up when you visit a website that may or may not contain malware. Hurt Me Plenty.


How to Burn Your Startup in 15 Easy Steps

From user /u/rinyfo4. I raised $500,000 at 19. We were on our way to change the world. Three years later everything burned down. This post is not about how to


What free things online should everyone take advantage of?

There’s an amazon thread happening on reddit right now called, What free things online should everyone take advantage of?  And the user /u/njdeatheater put together this awesome list below. 3D modeling


Have Amazon Prime? Get 6 months of the Washington Post for Free.

This is somewhat old news, but if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet you should! When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, he created a deal for Amazon subscribers.


“Swiped” – Is Snapchat stealing filters from makeup artists?

Similar? How about this one? Take a quick read at the article over at The Ringer, Is Snapchat stealing filters from makeup artists?, Since discovering the Snapchat filter that resembled her