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Tech & Startups

CopyCat Logos: Herscu & Goldsilver or HP?

Copycat logos is a section that we’ve dedicated to logos that look very similar in our opinion.  Logos are apart of a companies attempt to build a brand and to create trust


How much do advertisers pay for blurry photos on Tinder? Lets Ask Seeso.

It sure makes you wonder… There was an ad a couple months ago going around Tinder for Seeso. First image with “SPONSORED” written as faintly and ugly as possible. Second


IamA “Real People” from one of the Chevy commercials.

Have you come across these commercials? Do you also think at first glance that they look incredible fake, and filled with people that may or may not have any idea

Tech & Startups

Fox Sports Brags about how many commercials they run

This is what it looks like when Fox Sports brags about how many commercials they have. Maybe this is why cable cutting exists? So let me get this straight, Fox

Great Deal or Garage Sale

Lawrence Hunt: Bad Marketing, Faded Colors, and Poor Patterns

UPDATE 1, 6/16/2017: As of June 10, 2017, Lawrence Hunt reached out to us and offered us an opportunity to review their shirt, we declined. Our post is meant to

Tech & Startups

‘Vanity Fair’ editor sues Twitter troll for giving him a seizure

This will be an interesting case… A Twitter user who went by the name @jew_goldstein very recently tweeted a GIF with rapidly flashing graphics at Vanity Fair and Newsweek writer


Should Ashley Madison have went Bankrupt?

NY State is suing Ashley Madison over it’s “Full Delete”. Ashley Madison was charging users $19 if they wanted to be completely deleted from the website, however… they never actually completely

Tech & Startups

The League and their many App Problems

Did you hear? The League is now one of the most expensive subscription apps out there. Just yesterday they sent out an email trying to push more products on you


Super Mario Run’s disappointing notification system

IT IS DECEMBER 15th!!!! WHERE ARE YOU #SuperMarioRun — Matthew B. (@Mastermatt287) December 15, 2016 Here was the hype, iOS’s Appe Store allowed you to be notified when Super

Website Reviews

HACKED: Has Been Hacked sent out this statement today but has been very quiet on trying to keep it hidden and out of the news. We recently became aware that an unauthorized third


This one sentence, sums up Bragi…

From TheVerge: But walking around outdoors proved that the Bluetooth connection is still frail. I had trouble streaming music with my phone in any of my back jeans pockets. … This


How headlines can manipulate readers emotions

Simple… Part A: Use headlines to get people to click-through that might engage with one set of their readers. “This Donald J. Trump supporter won’t be flying with Delta again”


This WILL hurt Uber…

and it’s only a matter of time before other countries start to follow. In a landmark case in the UK, Uber drivers are now considered employees. User /u/atohitotsu from reddit has written

Failed Kickstarters

Kickstarter Fail: Barracuda is trying to lure users in again with a Backpack

Remember Barracuda? We wrote about them, a few times, *sigh. Well they finally started shipping this past month with 1 week turn around times, they launched the Barracuda Bag on Kickstarter in