The League is now $999/mo. For Dating? WTF.

The League is now $999/mo. For Dating? WTF.

Would anyone actually pay this? Or is this a sign that a startup might be having money problems. This is one hell of a rate raise. What would you rather do with $999 each month.

When the League launched started out at $29/mo, we all thought that was a tad high, for a buggy app, server time outs, etc… Now after existing for 3 years now, they either have a very very loyal user base, or they’ve lost their marbles.

They’ve now raised their prices to $199/$399/$999 A MONTH.

Wow. Just Wow.

I like how they mentioned it’s only $249 weekly, as if that makes it sound like less.

What’s also beyond weird, is that aside from the in-app popup above. Their website actually invites you to email them directly if you also want to sign up for those tiers, we wonder if there’s a problem with figuring out credit card payment integration into their app.


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