The League and their many App Problems

The League and their many App Problems

Did you hear? The League is now one of the most expensive subscription apps out there.

Just yesterday they sent out an email trying to push more products on you before the end of the year.


[CLIFF NOTES] : Upgrade to member before happy hour on Saturday December 31st, and we’ll throw in a profile boost for free ($25) PLUS we’ll give you an extra VIP pass to get your friends to the top of the waitlist (early holidays gift?)

[THE DEETS] We’ve run some analysis ?on our data from the past few holiday seasons❄⛄️ and we’ve discovered our user-base swells by more than 30% between Dec 1 and March 1. It’s clear that NOW is the optimal time to 1) see more prospects per day by upgrading to member and 2) boost your profile so you get seen/hearted by more people – which means more matches, faster! We know many of you on The League like to “optimize” your chances of meeting “Your Person” (or just someone to kiss on NYE) so we wanted to give you the heads up? Message me #DECMemberBoost to make sure your profile gets the attention it deserves!

In case you were wondering, Members also see more potentials per day so statistically they will be seen by more people! Members are typically seen 30% more and have 30% more matches than other non-members with their same league score. Our members also have access to their stats (e.g. league score, popularity, pickiness) and can customize their profiles!

Happy holiday scouting!!

Your Concierge

This line was the best though… “from the past few holiday seasons”, what they aren’t telling you is that it’s only been one holiday season that they have data for.  Remember how they just launched?

Either way, they want  all that money, and yet users normally see this when trying to use the app:

And ouch… They use GoDaddy, one more reason not to use them.


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