Spam Email: Apollo Interactive

Spam Email: Apollo Interactive

Aren’t spam emails the best? Lets break down how Apollo Interactive sends them.

Lets check out this one sent by a company trying to get you to sign up for new health insurance.  Why’s it weird? Well check this out, it says Trumpcare is here, “Trumpcare is here – We Can Help Find Your Next Plan!”. Only problem is that Trumpcare currently isn’t here.

But lets check it out, where does it take you when you click on it?

Hmm, such a misleading website, so basically … This site is an information grabber, they are an affiliate marketing company that tries to collect leads that they can then resell to other companies in exchange for money.  Looks like this one is participating in collecting spam email addresses in order to try and gain more sales.

Surprisingly they didn’t do much work to hide who they are, Todd AndersonJasmine Taylor run the ‘insurance’ division of Apollo Interactive.  We wonder if the current clients of Apollo Interactive are aware how they generate leads for other companies? Hey, current client list, Cache Creek, Conns, Christer Mon, Curves, Einstein Noah, Extraco BanksFox Sports, HomeHero, Mattel, Silverleaf, Stage Stores, Tommys, Universal Sports, and Visionworks, is this how they generate leads for you also?

We normally wouldn’t discuss spam emails about a company as it could be done by an outside client of theirs, one of their outside affiliate marketers could be a bad seed, we wrote about Lull Mattresses having the same problem. However that problem went out the winsoe when they actually own the domain

They might have an idea as to what they are doing and suggesting.

Bad business practice Apollo Interactive, don’t mislead consumers, you can’t sell plans for anything a healthcare act that hasn’t passed yet, don’t mislead your customers, “The Trump Administration is working on passing a health care replacement bill known as Trumpcare and the AHCA. This is to replace Obamacare also known as the ACA, or Affordable Care Act.”




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