Who is Your AirBNB Host?

Who is Your AirBNB Host?

There’s currently an AD floating around that was put out by an Anti-AirBNB Hotel group that’s trying to make the point that you never know who’s in your building when you have someone in your apartment building.

The video itself is trying to make the point that you could potentially be renting out your apartment to a terrorist, however there’s also a counter argument to be made by this, in which as someone who uses AirBNB, I actually never know who I’m renting from.

I’ve traveled around the world and have stayed in AirBNB’s in Hong Kong, Prague, Iceland, Mexico, and many other places, I can easily say that 6 or 8 times, I’ve actually be confused as so whom I’m renting from.

You communicate with one person on the AirBNB platform, surprisingly even with timezone differences they are always able to reply quickly, are they awake 24/7?

But the one noticeable characteristic is that there’s always a ‘friend’ or ‘colleague’ who is going to meet you, never the person.

From a person who has either been given access to an apartment via a lockbox, or met some new ‘colleague’ who they haven’t been communicating with, AirBNB can sometimes feel like there’s an underground apartment renting mafia situation going on. How many apartments are they renting? Why do some entire buildings feel like AirBNB rentals?

Do the people you’re communicating with actually exist? or did they just swipe someones image off of a random persons facebook?

These are all real questions, the video above by the Anti-AirBNB group targets the guests that you’re renting to, but is there an argument to be made from the people you’re actually renting from? Who are they?



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