Jaden Smith’s Recyclable Water Box Startup Might Sue Nike Next

Jaden Smith’s Recyclable Water Box Startup Might Sue Nike Next

Jaden Smith. Photographer: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Jaden Smith, co-founder of boxed water startup Just Good Inc., not to be confused with the other boxed water startup, is currently suing the mayo company, Hampton Creek Inc, why?

Just Goods is alleging that Hampton Creek changed its brand to focus on the word “just” after encountering legal or marketing difficulties in the course of its business, according to a complaint in San Francisco state court filed about a month ago.

Hampton Creek’s new packaging. Photographer: Sam Hall/Bloomberg

Yep, so because Jadens water says JUST WATER, and Hampton Creeks brand says JUST MAYO, there’s lots of confusion over what people are putting into their bodies, I know there are countless times where I accidentally grabbed the mayo container vs the water bottle in my fridge.

No word if they are also planning on suing Nike for JUST DO IT.




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