Kickstarter Fail: We looked at the crazy Rezzimax Tuner and LAUGHED

More kickstarter ‘get rich quick’ ideas.

We’re starting to highlight more of these and their marketing tricks just due to the fact that they are all starting to raise serious funding. But when you start to disect their Kickstarters you start to see the flaws of how they are raising funds and the suspiciousness of it.

Lets look at the Rezzimax Tuner created by Sharik Peck. Who, by the way, doesn’t even list this successful company on his LinkedIn page, remember, according to them “We have already produced previous versions of the Rezzimax® Tuner and sold them worldwide.”, but he doesn’t even list the product on his LinkedIn?


Rezzimax Funded.Today AD.


Are you laughing yet? Yes it’s a lovely tiny piece of plastic that seems to ‘tune’ your body by small vibrations.

Red Flag #1 – Why are people paying more than needed?

So there’s a few red flags with this project, the first is that they are offering two identical tiers, one which is $199 and their Early Bird, and then a $249 tier which is an identical tier just $50 more expensive. Odd that there are still 19 spots left at the $199 price and yet 4 people have went with the more expensive $249 price.  Why? Why would you want to spend $50 more on this product, are they trying to inflate their goal for some reason?

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Red Flag #2 – Why are all the text, images, and not selectable?

Every single element of text on this kickstarter page is an image, not one single amount of it is highlightable, why is that? Are they not wanting you to google their text?

Red Flag #3 – If their previous hardware was so successful, why do they need a Kickstarter?

We have already produced previous versions of the Rezzimax® Tuner and sold them worldwide.

And the best part is their kickstarter’s goal was only for $10,000, surely that’s all they wanted to hit, you could retire on $10,000!

And don’t forget they are using a marketing company for their kickstarter, so they already lost close to 1/3rd of their total profit just on marketing.

Here is their Rezzimax being used on horses.

And don’t forget their best quote of all.

“Please Note: We must be clear that the Rezzimax® tuner is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any illness”

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