Remember, Your Investment Portfolio with Cards Against Humanity?

Remember way back in November 2015 we received the $1 USD gift? You had to go to that super long URL at well the time has come to cash out.

Your money has grown from $1.00 to $1.01486238, almost 1.5 cents. The curiosity however makes me wonder what will happen to it if I choose to forget it and maybe come back and revisit this account in 40 or so years. #GoogleCalendarAlert

Hello, Chosen Person. In November 2015 you signed up to receive eight mystery gifts from Cards Against Humanity. Remember that? It was called Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah, and you got a lot of socks. We set out to give you a set of pragmatic gifts that befit the responsible adult you’ve become. One of those gifts was fiscal responsibility.

We invested your dollar into the Cards Against Humanity US Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund, and now you can cash out.

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