Warning: Auxillite Reviews and greedy sales tactics, Red Flag?

Warning: Auxillite Reviews and greedy sales tactics, Red Flag?

Back in October 2016, Auxillite started gaining press, The Auxillite is the best-looking iPhone 7 headphone dongle so far, on The Verge.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the idea of the product, it looks sleek and awesome, however as with all products, when they launch as a kickstarter campaign, there’s a certain sense of skepticism that comes along with it.

They were planning on shipping this product by January 2017, and it does look like they are actually hitting that deadline, however some of the reviews within their kickstarter campaign are worrying.

Quite poor sound quality after i received my Auxillite, audio sounds hollowed out and weak. Very disappointed with the outcome. (JR Ebersole)

Got my product. It’s AWFUL!!! Barely charges. Audio quality is horrendous!
REFUND!!!!! (Evan Bergman)

The charge port seems to have contact issues. If I push it in all the way, it stops charging. I have to slightly pull it out to have it charging.

There is random noise from the earphone jack. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it is very noticeable when it happens. There are usually a couple recurring noise patterns.

EarPods remote does not work. I guess it has something to do with the fact that the device is recognized as USB audio device?(Eunsoo Roh)

And there’s delay replies from Auxillite.

We understand you are waiting for your reward which was supposed to be shipped out in Jan 2017. However, due to some setbacks we cannot fulfill all orders at once. But no worries as production of Auxillite has resumed and we will ship out your order as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.  Based on your reward, the shipping date is now estimated to be in March. For more details you can refer to update #9. (Auxillite)

But don’t worry, even though their products are being delays, and there are quality control issues, that still hasn’t stopped them from linking their Kickstarter page …

to their indieGoGo page!

Can’t possibly imagine that they are making quite the money grab before the masses actually get their hands on the product.

As with anything on kickstarter, remember that most likely this is random people with few product experience, emailing random designs to an outsourcing company.  This outsourcing company has most likely promised them the world while taking every possible shortcut along the way for pennies on the dollar.

Follow up, /r/Utoou2, came across that the people behind this product are also the same ones behind ZNAPS.



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  1. “however as with all products, when they launch as a kickstarter campaign, there’s a certain sense of skepticism that comes along with it.”

    I’m curious as to why “all”? Far more Kickstarters are fulfilled than fail and with many products you can tell if the people behind it seem to have themselves togther.
    Had you said “some” OK, but “all” sounds like hyperbole or paranoia. I know I am not alone in funding several successful Kickstarters, and a stinker or two. Just as in meatspace people need to learn to be mindful investors and realize that sometimes you loose, that does not mean that because people have been bitten a time or two that they should be skeptical of all dogs (though I concede some people allow themselves to take that route).

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