Kickstarter Fail: Barracuda is trying to lure users in again with a Backpack

Kickstarter Fail: Barracuda is trying to lure users in again with a Backpack

Remember Barracuda? We wrote about them, a few times, *sigh.

Barracuda Bag

Barracuda Bag

Well they finally started shipping this past month with 1 week turn around times, they launched the Barracuda Bag on Kickstarter in April of 2015, and after missing their ship date countless times, finally started shipping in October of 2016. Remember, they originally thought they were going to ship in November 2015, then December 2015, then Jan 2016, Feb, April, May, June, July, Aug, and then Sept 2016.  They were so bad with their company that their co-founder left, and they couldn’t figure out how to actually manufacture a product.

Finally once they released their final unboxing video, their bag was plagued with differences between the product they sold everyone, and the actual design that shipped. The brackets they used were different, charging ports where different, even just the overall design changed.

Well guess what! Now that they are out of money, (most likely) they need help creating their next product! Insert the ugly Barracuda Konzu, the world ugliest backpack.


I won’t even tell you why we find it ugly, as you can pretty much guess that for yourself, but… what we want to impress upon you with this post, is that the company itself, Barracuda, is horrible with following through with products and keeping dates they promised. 


Please be aware of this and research the company thoroughly before you give them your money. They will probably miss their ship date again, and yet again, deliver a product that is different from their original design.



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