Bad @Vine Stars try to hold the App Hostage

Bad @Vine Stars try to hold the App Hostage


So last week Twitter announced that they were shutting down Vine. The specific reasons were unknown but we’re going to guess it’s due to traffic plummeting and people not yet realizing the most ancillary social networks, i.e. not Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, are fads.

People join, make money, build their audience, and then move onto the next one.

But an interesting thing happened with Vine, users built their audience, and then quickly shifted to creating sponsored posts, countless Vine users were just spending their entire time pushing iOS Apps, websites, company products, t-shirts, merchandise, and not actually making quality content anymore.

So the users all left.  I was one of those users that all left. No longer was your feed filled with fun and entertaining posts, but was filled with poor excuses for ads.

Now those same users that drove away all of Vine’s users, decided to come back and try to ‘save Vine’… Quickly your mind might have went to them offering to buy Vine, but no, they went to Twitter/Vine’s offices and offered to be paid posters for Vine.

Eighteen users reportedly asked for $1.2 million each in exchange for 12 original Vines, per user, every month.

That’s Eighteen users, who produce mostly ads and drove away users, are asking for $1.2 million each, in exchange for 12 six-second videos.

What. A. Joke. We are currently trying to figure out who the 12 users are that attempted to basically scam Twitter/Vine.  This is yet, one more reason, why you should always avoid products that people are advertising on, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc…



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