Warning: AdoreMe’s $10,000 Public Relations Advertisement/Commercial

Warning: AdoreMe’s $10,000 Public Relations Advertisement/Commercial



Have you ever heard of Adore Me recently? They are an online lingerie retailer that had a pretty big article pop up last week.

What is AdoreMe?

It’s a subscription lingerie company!

“VIP members who do not shop or skip before the 6th day of each month (11:59:59 p.m. EST), will be charged $39.95 and will receive the same amount in store credit.”

It’s a company that launched a few years ago to copy JustFab’s clothing subscription.They attempt to sell themselves as a lingerie company however the minor difference is that Adore Me seems to be in the business of buying up other lingerie brands and mainly sticking it’s label on them.

“It involved purchasing garments from other lingerie brands (like Rene Rofe, Parfait by Affinitas, Leg Avenue, and Seven ’til Midnight)” – TheLingerieAddict.com

What happened exactly?

An Adore Me employee was leaving the company to move across the country, and as a gift they were given a $10,000 check thanking them for the time and effort that they gave to the company.

How did this article become “Viral”?

We’re not sure, we believe this was a wondering PR push for Adore Me, most likely what happened was they gave the gift to the employee, and their PR/Marketing team realized that this would be a fantastic advertisement for the company and the submitted the article idea to numerous publications across the web hoping that some would pick it up.

Or this could have easily been a ‘Share’ on facebook by the employee or fellow employees that went viral in it’s own right, and then ended up in the major publications, however since neither Bloomberg, Fortune, Time, or Business Insider mention a starting point, we’re going to believe it was submitted by a PR company.

They appeared here on Time Magazine:

Time / Money Magazine



Business Insider

Business Insider






However if you read into these articles and read more into the perfectly placed images and quotes, you’ll think more and more that every single one of these articles is one perfect advertisement.  I’d avoid this company with a 10-foot-pole, and see this as a beautiful marketing push to gain new users.


Google “Adore Me Reviews” and you’ll come across numerous SCAM warnings, these are very similar to JustFab in which their checkout process tries to hide the fact that you’re signing up for a VIP subscription membership.

AdoreMe's checkout process.

AdoreMe’s checkout process.

ComplaintsBoard reviews & Their F Better Business Bureau Rating.

I’d Avoid.

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