@thewillowapp Willow is THE WORST dating app yet!

@thewillowapp Willow is THE WORST dating app yet!

Willow has decided to try a new approach by having a “Talk First, Reveal Photos Later” Philosophy. However in my experience it just doesn’t work and you end up wasting a TON of time (metaphorical ton of course).

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The app idea was interesting, what would happen if you took away all photos, and just posted a question to someone, based on their response you could decide if you should initiate a chat with them. And based on that chat, if you were attracted to them or not, you could then choose to reveal your photos to the other person.

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But guess what? It takes a bunch of chatting before people choose whether or not to reveal their photos, and based on the 10 people that I chatted with, 0 actually turned out to be attractive.

There very well may be a small population of users that actually don’t have the slightest care about looks of their future partner, or temporary partner, and as the saying goes “there’s someone for everyone”, however I believe that the market for this is much too small, and the user base will get smaller and smaller as time goes.

Willow’s own founder, 23-year-old Michael Brunch, Willow has said, “We believe the best way to get to know someone, and find out whether you like them, is by talking to them,”.

Willow actually prides itself on that it just throws ‘whatever’ at you and sees what sticks, there’s no rating system or algorithm that matches people based on compatibility. the app’s website states.

Skip, Avoid, and Uninstall.


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