@Magnises Marketing still thinks it’s a Black Card

@Magnises Marketing still thinks it’s a Black Card


Spotted this Facebook ad today.   The question is this, the assumed definition of a “Black Card” is a Credit Card with ultimate rewards, the problem is that the Magnises card isn’t a credit card it’s just a Black rewards card that you have to pay for, with your other credit card already attached. So do they get to call it a Black Card, just because it’s black and not  an actual black credit card?

Reasons why I’m pointing this out is because their own tagline says “The Black Card Based on Your Social Score, Not Credit Score.”  Why would a rewards card need your credit score? It doesn’t care if you pay your bill on time.  Magnises’s problem is that their marketing department seems to purposely try and blur the lines of what their product is, in order to lure people in.  They are saying it’s a Black Card, and yet referencing credit score, people may be drawn in thinking that it’s an actual credit card that they can buy into, in the event they are really popular.

Looks like I’m not the only one confused, and a few people don’t look very satisfied.


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