@Magnises Marketing still thinks it’s a Black Card

@Magnises Marketing still thinks it’s a Black Card


Spotted this Facebook ad today.   The question is this, the assumed definition of a “Black Card” is a Credit Card with ultimate rewards, the problem is that the Magnises card isn’t a credit card it’s just a Black rewards card that you have to pay for, with your other credit card already attached. So do they get to call it a Black Card, just because it’s black and not  an actual black credit card?

Reasons why I’m pointing this out is because their own tagline says “The Black Card Based on Your Social Score, Not Credit Score.”  Why would a rewards card need your credit score? It doesn’t care if you pay your bill on time.  Magnises’s problem is that their marketing department seems to purposely try and blur the lines of what their product is, in order to lure people in.  They are saying it’s a Black Card, and yet referencing credit score, people may be drawn in thinking that it’s an actual credit card that they can buy into, in the event they are really popular.

Looks like I’m not the only one confused, and a few people don’t look very satisfied.



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  1. Billy McFarland
    February 25, 18:18

    Hey Tiffany, I’m Billy, and I work for Magnises. I’d love to speak with you to shed some light into the community we are building and what members actually experience with us. I’d be more than happy to show you around our space where you can talk to some members to get a sense of how they participate in the community and what they get out of Magnises. Hopefully you can incorporate a few of those conversations into your future coverage instead of just a few fringe facebook posts (where the actual average rating of over 100 reviews is 4.7/5).

    • Tiffany Rush
      March 10, 11:54

      Thanks for the comment Billy. My concerns aren’t the actual rewards, it’s more of the marketing tactics on how you acquire users with the sponsored posts. By comparing yourself to a credit card (See Fox News Video) or to a credit score.
      Even the other “posts” use credit cards in their URL names, I find it misleading for something that is only a rewards card.

      • Tanaka
        March 16, 16:46

        I don’t think anyone applying thinks this is a credit card. If you didn’t do your research before giving them your money then that make you the idiot.

        As a member of both black cards I’m happy with Magnises perks so far. Access to the NYC townhouse alone makes it worth it to me. Especially for the 10th of the annual fee of Amex. (let alone the initial fee)

        If anything the marketing is genius. They are not really tricking you into something in the end. If it was the other way I could see why you’re saying this but receiving the perks without opening up a new credit line is a plus in my opinion.

        I don’t see you writing articles about Axe body spray using sex to sell mens spray with the idea that you will get girls to fall for you if you use their product.

        If you look at the reviews on some of the most exclusive nightlife spots in NYC you will find the same negative reviews. Take a look at the reviews of Lavo or Marquee in NYC. You will see the same hater reviews even so they are some of the best clubs in the US packed every night with a hot crowd and celebrities. Yet people will still complain on how crap they are or misleading. These are also the same people that are standing in line that can’t get in.

        • Tiffany Rush
          March 18, 12:31

          Glad to hear you’re getting benefits from it. But you’re also comparing the card to an AMEX, which I’m not sure if you know, but is an actual credit card. Again, I just wish they would stick to the truth that they are a rewards card and not a credit card. Just compare apples to apples that’s all. 🙂

  2. LVB
    March 07, 09:34

    Thanks for shedding light on this. I was wondering about this card and was immediately convinced it was marketing hype when I went to the website and hardly any details can be found about what organizations actually offer perks. The fact that they would compare themselves to an Amex Centurion card is laughable and in fact deceiving since they are basically a tin metal card spray painted black with supposed perks that they don’t specify. Funny supposed endorsement from their site “The perks and priviledges community has caught the eye of a number of notable members.” – Billboard…what does that even mean and what does it have to do with this product??

  3. Josiah Cameron
    September 29, 12:41

    They can call it whatever they want. Amex doesn’t even call their Centurion Card a “black card.”

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