Yet Another Misleading @UpWorthy ClickBait Post

Yet Another Misleading @UpWorthy ClickBait Post

Here watch this fake spoof audition of an Actress in Hollywood.  The youtube title that the creator gave it is called “Why I Wouldn’t Make It As A “Latina” In Hollywood”.

But when you watch the actual video it’s actually about an Actress who went out for a Latina/Spanish speaking roll.

Here’s an example, @ 1:45:
Casting Director: Do you speak Spanish?
Actress: Yes! Yes!
Actress than fails the ability to translate.

Upworthy then gave this title This Woman Filmed A Fake Audition To Highlight A Very Real Problem In Hollywood

Really? Because it would seem that it’s an actress that went out for a Latina roll, then lied to the casting director about her abilities and strengths, and then proceeded to attempt to hide her mistake.

It HAS NOTHING to do with highlighting a very real problem in Hollywood.  But good attempt yet again with some more clickbait for your users.  



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