POP App Suffers Server Data Corruption

And here is another reason not to trust cloud services with your data.

Hi xxx,

I’m Ben Lin, Co-founder at POP, the simplest app prototyping service ( https://popapp.in/ ).

I’m writing this email to you because we encountered server data corruption on 7th May. We are soon releasing a 2.0 version but the data structure is different. I tried to merge the two but messed up the data during the process.

That was the reason why some of you might found all your projects were lost or were not able to login on the day. The good news is all your projects are safe on the server. If you still have problem using POP, please don’t be hesitate to contact me at support@popapp.in. I’ll make sure to get your app working again.

If you feel you receive this email too late it’s because we could not sent to all our users at once. Otherwise this email will be marked as spam. Please help us spread the word to your cowrokers who use POP.

Again I’m really sorry about all the trouble.


Co-founder and CEO @ POP


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