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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Red Flag #1: Why would a company, DreamCloud, hire someone with virtually no likes/followers to run an ad campaign with?

It seems there’s a growing trend of these campaigns out there, profiles built to make it look like they are legitimate influencers and/or reviewers and they run sponsored ads against them.

Be sure to always check who’s trying to convince you to buy a product. Lets look at SusySnacks and the sponsored AD with Dreamcloud, a mattress company.

Red Flag #2: Why would a “Snack” based account be reviewing Beds?

Red Flag #3: Look at the account of SusySnacks, and notice the very generic bio.

“Your daily snack break! SusySnacks is mostly simple recipes & healthy alternatives to some of your favorite snacks, but also some easy ways to stay active physically and mentally. A “snackable” break!”

Red Flag #4: The “SusySnacks” account only has 482 likes.


Here’s another DreamCloud AD from the “influencer” The Livstyle with 221 likes.

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