Crypto: EstateX’s fake “Featured In” on website, gets removed from MarketWatch & Fox

Crypto: EstateX’s fake “Featured In” on website, gets removed from MarketWatch & Fox

Don’t you love the ‘Featured In’ section of websites? It’s where companies try to showcase their legitimacy by making it look like journalists or other news reporting agencies have looked into them and researched them.

EstateX has a few listed, they say they’ve been featured in MarketWatch, Apple News, Fox, and Digital Journal.


What happens when you actually check out those links?

Starting with MarketWatch. Right at the top of the page it says “Press Release“. A press release most definitely isn’t a “featured in” article.  Why are they linking to it as so?

MarketWatch EstateX Screenshot


Looks like MarketWatch caught onto their marketing, as the page is now gone at the original url ( Shouldn’t they remove MarketWatch from their “Featured in” website section?

MarketWatch EstateX


Next up, they are linking to a Fox page, guess what? Press Release right at the top of the page again. Another false “featured in” link. It’s not even the actual Fox, Fox40 is just an affiliate too.

Looks like Fox also caught on too. When you try to go to the same URL (, it redirects to.

EstateX Fox

EstateX Fox

And then same with DigitalJournal, identical “Press Release”.

DigitalJournal EstateX

Why are they suggesting that they’ve been featured in big time publications when they haven’t been? They are publishing press releases into a Press Release service, and then claiming they have been ‘featured in’ those publications that subscribe to that Press Release service.

Does it have something to do with the Colorado Authority Investigates 3 Cryptocurrency Firms Behind Unregistered ICOs in 2018? They were previously fined in that prior fake marketing probe from Colorado, sounds like the fine wasn’t large enough.



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