Fake CrowdStreet Android App

Fake CrowdStreet Android App

As if it wasn’t already known that Google Play has an endless fake app problem, Now it has a fake app from a real estate crowdfunding company called CrowdStreet.

We are writing to inform you that we learned of an illegitimate mobile application using the CrowdStreet brand.  The fake application was made available in the Google Play store on Android devices in July 2021 by someone unrelated to CrowdStreet.

As a result, if you downloaded the application and entered your credentials, these credentials, as well as broader phone data, could be subjected to unauthorized access by a third party. If you downloaded the fake app, we urge you to uninstall the application and update your CrowdStreet user credentials at this time. We have notified Google of this event and suggest that you contact them as well, if needed.

To help protect our users and their data, CrowdStreet is dedicated to adhering to our internal processes and relaying our finding to you, our customer, as necessary.

We truly regret any inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please contact help@crowdstreet.com.




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