Flywheel Sports Rises from the Dead to Sell Your Email & Account Details

Flywheel Sports Rises from the Dead to Sell Your Email & Account Details

Were you a member of Flywheel Sports before their demise in 2020?

Well check your inbox as they found a buyer for your email address & account details. At least they gave us a whole 7 days to opt-out. FYI was in my spam inbox, so check your spam inbox as well.



Email Notification to FlyWheel Client List Transfer

April 16, 2021

To: Flywheel Members with Member Account Information that will be Transferred
Subject: Flywheel Privacy Transfer Notice. Sale of Customer Account Information

Dear Flywheel Customer:

As you know, after over a decade since Flywheel first opened its doors, COVID-19 forced Flywheel to close all of its spin studios in March of 2020. On September 14, 2020, that closure became permanent, as Flywheel filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and began a process of liquidating its assets.

As you have been a member of the Flywheel community over the years, you are receiving this email to inform you that in connection with the pending bankruptcy proceedings, the bankruptcy court has approved the sale of certain of Flywheel’s assets, including the right to use the Flywheel name, logo and other trademarks, to a newly-formed entity that is beneficially owned by Flywheel’s pre-bankruptcy lenders. As a follow up to that sale, another newly-formed entity owed by the same parties (the “Buyer”) will (and any subsequent transferee of the assets may) acquire certain of Flywheel’s member account information. The member account information to be transferred to the Buyer will consist of your name, address, email address, date of birth, and gender (to the extent Flywheel has this information). The Buyer has agreed to maintain the member account information in accordance with the terms of the current Flywheel privacy policy.

Your privacy is important, so if you do not want your member account information transferred to the Buyer, please let us know within seven (7) business days by clicking to opt-out.

In the event you choose to opt-out, your Flywheel member account information will be deleted.






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