What a Scam Amazon Review Group Looks Like

What a Scam Amazon Review Group Looks Like

Ever come across one of these AD’s on Facebook?

When you send them a message on Facebook what happens next?

The scam works like this.

You order a product from them, they won’t give you a direct link to the product, but they will tell you how to search for it, so you “organically find it” yourself.

Then you order it, they ship it, you receive it.

You review it, positive reviews only please, send a screenshot back to them. And then they PayPal or transfer you the total cost of the order to you.

You keep the item, you get a refund, and then they get a fake positive review in order to scam normal buyers with.

If you’re great at what you do, you can join the FB Group/WhatsApp Group, etc …


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