You were surprised about SoulCycle & Equinox?

You were surprised about SoulCycle & Equinox?

I’m sorry, are we surprised that high-end and luxury brand, Equinox Fitness & SoulCycle’s is somehow connected to a Republican and Trump supporter Stephen Ross?

What gave it away? Was it the greedy SoulCycle company who’s marketing strategy includes candles and making you pay for your own water bottle and shoes? All for the low, low price of $36 a class (NYC Rates) + $3 Shoes + $3 Water = $42 per class.  Was it that? Or was it when the founders handed over the company to The Related Companies.

Equinox who’s monthly gym rate starts at $220-$300/mo for NYC locations, would that have given it away? Not to mention that it’s the finance destination in NYC, of course we’re not saying that finance = republican, but really, massive billion dollar, real estate developer. Are you really that surprised?

Just remember, it’s not just those two, some others connected to this are: Equinox, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, and SoulCycle. Ross is also the owner of the Miami Dolphins, the Hard Rock Stadium, the Time Warner Center and Hudson Yards.

You may see people protesting, but let’s see if anyone actually moves out, or stops renting from The Related Properties.


There are however, some fantastic meme’s starting at the, Protest Equinox, Soul Cycle and TRUMP FB Page.


So is anyone actually canceling their membership? Looks like it.

Week 1: Equinox + SoulCycle Response

This is what they sent out last week.

Week 2: SoulCycle Response

Time to start reducing profits going to The Related Companies.

Starting this month, we’re inviting every one of our more than 350 instructors to teach a community ride for a cause of their choice. We want to give our instructors, studio teams, and local communities a platform to promote whatever cause is true in their heart. This is not a requirement. This is an invitation—an invitation to create a conversation and provide support to the causes that matter most to the communities we serve.

These rides will be offered free to our communities. The instructors will be paid for their time. SoulCycle will donate 100% of the proceeds of each ride to the social justice causes our instructors and studio teams select. This is about speaking for our values. As always, SoulCycle’s leadership and team will not corporately associate with political candidates or parties.

This is not the only answer. But it’s our answer for today, so our community can start to heal. We’ll share information with our local teams today so everyone can get involved.

SoulCycle doesn’t have one story; we have thousands of stories. We are not one narrative; and we will not become someone else’s narrative. The best way we can create real change in the world is by productive conversation and dialogue. We hope you will join ours.

*Yawn – Remember, owned by corporate giant; Not wholesome, candle, yoga, tap back, breath in, relax company.



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