Lily Pebbles thinks if she’s honest, you’ll just be confused.

She just wants you to trust her.

Ah yes, the old, please just trust me, I know what’s best for you.

Youtubers (Cough, I mean ‘content creators’.) are trying to become more transparent. They want you to know, that they only, and I mean truly, have your best interests at play. That they would never lie to you in exchange for anything.

But as the quote below, from Lily Pebbles goes to show, they are given stuff for free all the time, and they promise that it doesn’t’ sway their opinions what-so-ever.

But what an insult to her fans if she thinks people would be confused if she started to be truly honest and up front when she’s gifted things.

I’ve never disclaimed free or discounted products because you don’t have to.  And also I think it would be too confusing, disclaiming ads, free, discounted [products]. There’s too many things to disclaim.  I think for me as a viewer, it’s important to know if someone is being paid to say something. But other than that, I think you should just trust the content creator…

I think we need to speed up the courses for, how to spot ‘ads’, as they come in all shapes and sizes. And free items that companies hope you’ll review, sorry but that counts as an ad.

You should 100% be up front when you’re given things for free.


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