Importing from a distributor? You need the Supplier Blacklist.

Importing from a distributor? You need the Supplier Blacklist.

We love a good site that was built to prevent users from getting screwed.  Check out the Supplier Blacklist if you’re looking for information on a certain distributor while you’re in your due diligence phase?

Of course some of these scams are pretty much red flags, but always good for one more thing to pop into a search engine.

I had found a company in China that sells online refurbished electronics . I spoke to them about starting with a sample of ps4 , after I sent the money via western union they said they can only send a minimum of three. I then asked them to send the money back because I didn’t want to pay for three upfront without a first sample . They then updated that the item had been shipped and supplied me with tracking number , my package was delivered 3 weeks later with the same tracking number and inside was a pair of socks. I tried to contact them with the live chat and they closed the browser when I stated I was scammed .. I then emailed and messaged the website and they keep deleting my message each time.

Price seems reasonable so I placed an official purchase order, seller issued a proforma invoice with bank payment details to their account in Hong Kong. Seller promised to ship within 3 days of receipt of payment.

Contacted seller one week later with the phone number provided but were uncontactable. Had not heard from the seller after payment was done.

Please beware this company Hong Kong HYT Limited, contact person goes by the name of Jerry Chan (

Purchased Spinners and paid via western union never received the products these scammers need to be caught.

But hello, please don’t pay brand new companies with zero reputation over Western Union.


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