Capsule Pharmacy Review: Avoid if you need refills. [Update]

Capsule Pharmacy Review: Avoid if you need refills. [Update]

Update: Within a couple hours of this post on Monday, Capsule reached out, found out the problem and severely apologized.  Of course it still goes without saying that 25 days had passed and had we had we been forgetful or actually thought Capsule would reply, we might have never gotten any medication. So your millage may vary if you use this service. 

We came across Capsule’s subway adds quite often here in NYC.  Their ads seem to encourage users to txt them whenever they have the smallest indication of the sniffles. Which would backup what the CDC says, when they say “CDC: 1 in 3 antibiotic prescriptions unnecessary“.

So we tried them out, we setup an account online, sent them a screenshot of our insurance information, and input our request to transfer a prescription.

The rest was pretty easy, we received a txt that stated what the cost would be, that insurance wouldn’t cover it, and asking us to approve the cost, add a credit card, schedule delivery. Simple.  Later in the day we came home and my doorman had my prescription ready to hand to me.

All was said and great for the rest of the month, the problem however came when we went to refill the prescription.  Capsule prides itself on “Never worrying about refills. We keep track for you.”, and I had transferred a prescription with 12 refills remaining.

Never worry about refills. We keep track for you.

So I found it odd that they never contacted me about scheduling my next delivery. Did my prescription lapse? Did something not transfer? I reached out to Capsule, and this is where I leave the story;

On April 15th, I reached out to them asking about my refill, they quickly replied back within the hour stating that “We’ll start working on this and follow up with you in a bit.”.

I never heard from Capsule again, it’s now May 9th, almost 25 days since I received the email reply, so I’m not sure what Capsule’s definition of ‘in a bit’ means.

Thankfully, the prescription wasn’t live threatening, but imagine if this was heart medication, or something that you actually needed, something that kept you alive.

Capsule or the previous company that held the prescription dropped the ball on transferring the correct amount of refills, but Capsule completely dropped the ball on following up, and their communication and customer service ceased to exist after they locked you on as a customer.

So my recommendation is to AVOID this service if you ever think you’ll need a refill.


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AVOID this service if you ever think you'll need a refill.


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