Has NewTek been hacked? Emergency DNS Switch

Has NewTek been hacked? Emergency DNS Switch

NASDAQ: NEWT, An old web host of ours NewTek, formerly known as TheSBA, formerly known as CrystalTech, send out two emails late last night informing customers, both new and old about a situation going on with their website/dns records/and more…

We’d link you to their websites, however we’re honestly not sure which site is actually theirs anymore, all we know is that most of their hosting customers have down websites because of their emergency DNS break.

Email #1

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to make you aware of an immediate change that will require a slight adjustment in how you direct your website’s domain name to your hosting solution at Newtek Technology Solutions. Please make this change immediately so that you will not risk an interruption to your service. Please call customer service at 1-877-323-4678 if you need help making the adjustments explained in this email.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a secure and trusted service, we will be using the Newtek name as part of our DNS Name Servers – immediately transitioning away from the WebControlCenter and CrystalTech brand names as part of our DNS Name Server monikers. Please do not use the WebControlCenter or CrystalTech domain names when logging into your accounts or for any DNS settings.

As a reminder, the WebControlCenter is one of Newtek’s hosting control panels you may be currently using to manage your hosting account and billing details for your website.

Effective immediately, if you use the WebControlCenter to manage your hosting plan, please utilize the following URL when logging in from this point forward.


Email #2 

Dear Valued Customer,

Approximately ten hours ago, we sent you a notification regarding a change to our DNS name servers.

This change was a proactive response to a contest over the three following domain names: webcontrolcenter(dot)com, thesba(dot)com, and crystaltech(dot)com. We strongly request that you eliminate these domain names from all your corporate or personal browsers, and avoid clicking on them.

At this hour, it has become apparent that as a result over the dispute for these three domain names, we do not currently have control over the domains or email coming from them.

There is an unidentified third party that is attempting to chat and may engage with clients when visiting the three domains. It is imperative that you do not communicate or provide any sensitive data at these locations.

The following URLs are safe to visit and need be the only websites and domains you interact with when communicating with Newtek:

Our Websites:

Our Control Panels:

We are manning our phones now, and will be available to provide any assistance. You can reach us at 1-877-323-4678.

We cannot figure out what is going on, and have emails out trying to figure it all out, but  anything this is one more reason why you should drop NewTek as your web hosting provider, recently they managed to become one of the only web hosting providers that actually raises their rates and recently adopted a credit card processing fee into their transaction cost.


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