REVIEW: FiveFourClub, AVOID, It Should be renamed Cheap Clothing Club

REVIEW: FiveFourClub, AVOID, It Should be renamed Cheap Clothing Club

So we decided to sign up for the FiveFourClub, a couple weeks ago, and we paid their standard $60, for our first month supply of clothes.

When you sign up it asks you a few questions, 1) What your style is (You pick from there different guys), 2) Your sizes, and 3) What type of jeans you prefer (Skinny, Straight, Loose).

Apparently Five Four Club figures all men can fit into three categories, which is where it all starts to go wrong, the first thing you might notice is that all the clothes look kind of the same. Even though I chose Classic, I most definitely received what would appear to be a casual style, Jeans, and a loose t-shirt, I couldn’t even get a button down like I had hoped with slacks.

This is FiveFourClub’s Classic look:

That’s right, for $60, I received two pairs of no-show socks, a pair of generic dark jeans (Would have appreciated if the stitching was a different color than the jeans), and a white t-shirt. We’re going to guess that the MSRP of those items would have been (T-Shirt $10, Jeans $10, Socks $4/ea x 2 = $28 Value, not worth the $60 you’re paying.)

All the clothes are branded all over with FiveFourClub logos, presumably so you can’t trace it back to what the actual cost was.

And all of the clothes were … Made in China.

Honestly, their clothing is nothing special, and both looks and feels like generic, off-the-rack, clothing that was bought by a discount vendor and re-branded. I’m really disappointed that they asked me what style I was into and then seemingly ignored my suggestion and sent me a simple set of jeans and a t-shirt instead.

We strongly suggest you avoid the FiveFourClub and file this away in as another money making venture that wanted to be a TrunkClub copy cat and failed.

It’s currently rocking a 1 star out of 5 review on ResellerRatings,


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