Combatant Gentlemen: Zero Customer Service & 200+ days for Delivery

Combatant Gentlemen: Zero Customer Service & 200+ days for Delivery

We cane across this on reddit, looks like Combatant Gentlemen might be a startup that’s shut down.

It has been 229 days since my wife ordered me a bag on Combatant Gentlemen.

So I know we discuss this company somewhat regularly, but I wanted to give everyone a reminder of their “service”. On November 24th, my wife ordered me a bag from them for Christmas. After several (more than 10) emails back and forth, we were told the bag was “stuck on a shipping container” and they were doing everything they could. So… we waited. And waited.

On April 1st, u/Dondododo started a similar dissatisfaction thread here regarding Combatant Gentlemen. I posted my story, and shortly thereafter received a DM from them asking for details so they could help me. After providing those details they responded “We’ve gone ahead and marked your order as priority, and your Weekender Bag has been upgraded to expedited shipping as well. Keep your eyes peeled for a shipping confirmation in your inbox soon!”. Guess what we still don’t have. A Weekender Bag!

With an obviously very frustrated wife, I sent them a DM 2 weeks ago letting them know I have no bag, or shipping confirmation, and it’s all silent on the western front.

Just a reminder folks, if you need something from these guys, order a year ahead. I travel a lot for business, and have had at least 7 occasions where this bag would have worked out nicely since Christmas.

Edit: Just found out from my wife she actually did cancel the order last week, and requested a refund. So since I cant edit the title of my post, it has been 223 days. My bad! (Oh, and you guessed it, we haven’t gotten the refund yet)


Usually when brands stop replying to messages, it means the company has started winding down services and operations, also it could be their twitter is so intertwined with their marketing software it’s just going to keep auto-tweeting.



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  1. Sean Bradley
    July 13, 14:25

    I always take Reddit with a grain of salt, more so than other “review” sites out there. I’ve noticed Redditors are often people who are angry to the point of no return. They’ve made up their minds and need a place to vent and rally up others who feel the same. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from reading.

    Hope this company figures it out. I’m rooting for them. Bough a suit from them a few months ago and got it within a week, and took it to my tailor who couldn’t believe I paid what I did.

    • We had 7 other people reach out to us, so doesn’t look like a single case. But glad the company worked out for you, we wonder what happened.

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