Serena Williams joins board of Silicon Valley firm SurveyMonkey

Serena Williams joins board of Silicon Valley firm SurveyMonkey

Serena Williams: ‘What did I do? Did I say something inappropriate?’ Photograph: Xinhua/Rex Features

Do companies just ever learn? Alicia Keys joins BlackBerryU2’s Bono and The Edge joining the board of guitar maker Fender,

Adding celebrities to boards is always is a desperate move by companies seeking stardust, seeking one quick pop of PR blitz. It rarely ever makes it to a second headline, and you tend to never hear from the talent in regards to the company ever again.

This will be yet another case of celeb status in exchange for a headline. When it comes to SurveyMonkey partnering [“Ha”] with a celebrity, the reasons are sound, however nothing will come of this.




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  1. The shareholders should punt the entire board. This is ridiculous. ‘Edge’ at least plays guitars. If this were a ‘sports thing’ then maybe. But ‘survey monkey’? What?

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