Upwork realizes their mistake, now lets you focus your search

Upwork realizes their mistake, now lets you focus your search

As someone who has hired people off of upwork before I’m more than thrilled about this.  Upwork finally realizes that their freelancer database might be filled with a lot of, lets just say ‘less than desirable workers’, of course we’re not referring to race, but skill set.  Outsourcing to other countries time and time again can be brutal, thinking that you’re getting a solid deal, but if you’re not aware of the risks and challenges, can get up with bug filled, poorly made, opensource filled code, design, and more.

We’ve made it easier for clients to find you. Clients can now post jobs to freelancers in the U.S. only.

Save time by pinpointing clients looking specifically for talent in the U.S. These clients are eager to pay for your localized expertise, and you’ll also face less competition. Here’s what to look for in your job search:

The Upwork Team



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