WARNING: ThinPL & Fuze Card, 4 reasons to AVOID.

WARNING: ThinPL & Fuze Card, 4 reasons to AVOID.

Three reasons why this company should be on your radar and not in the good way:

  1. All-in-one credit cards are nothing new, and actually very few of them have actually launched, Plastic shut down, Coin shut down, Stratos was also viewed as a failure.  This one appears to be a carbon copy clone of them all.
  2. They recently changed their name from ThinPL to Fuze on May 8th, which makes me wonder … why are they still advertising the ThinPL card and not the new name?
  3. When marketing your product, please don’t show how easily flimsy/bendable it actually is. Look at those corners. If they aren’t paying attention to their marketing images, what makes you think they will be able to have an eye to details for their company?
  4. Every single one of your marketing videos only show it being available as a swiping card, why isn’t the chip portion working or being shown as an example, you’ll be putting consumers at risk by not focusing on the chip aspect.

Do yourself a favor, don’t preorder this, wait till it’s shipping, just like Plastic went down eating $9 million in preorders, time and time again all-in-one swiping cards keep failing.



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  1. Erik
    May 16, 06:18

    You haven’t looked into it too much…
    Thinpl is just a rebranded bpay card, and bpay has already sent out at least one batch of cards. If Thinpl wants to issue chip cards, they will have to wait until bpay releases it, which they may or may not release.

    And no, Thinpl is not Plastc.

    They changed name to fuze, most likely due to the survey they issued where that asked what name they should use.

    Also, most images/videoes are the bpay card, and some images has photoshopped (I guess) a Thinpl logo onto it.

    (Disclaimer: I preordered a bpay card, and received it)

    • sygyzy
      May 23, 15:42

      >>They changed name to fuze, most likely due to the survey they issued where that asked what name they should use.

      That explains how they determined their new name, not WHY they had to change names. Do you understand the difference?

    • StrangePhish
      June 19, 07:47

      The bigger concern with this as well as Plastc was that the chip will be useless when you get the card. They claim that in 2018 this should be active and ready to go (pending bank approval). Will the chip ready cards actually work as a swipe when most readers that are chip enabled require you to use the chip and not swipe

  2. thesaj
    August 01, 15:16

    I just got my Fuze card this week. Pretty cool. So far, I have successfully swiped it and used it at my local Starbucks.

    I haven’t tried the bar code scanning yet. I think I’d like to see a deluxe version with an even larger e-ink display. But so far, I am really impressed.

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