When Gig FM launches, DO NOT USE IT

When Gig FM launches, DO NOT USE IT

It’s time to start sending a message to silicon valley, Marco Nardone, the startup founder who burnt through $US21 million (£16 million) as he tried to turn his social media app Fling into the next Snapchat, has started a new music streaming company called Gig FM.

Gig FM, which has a website but is yet to launch, was incorporated by Nardone on January 23, less than half a year after Fling filed for bankruptcy, according to a document filed with Companies House.

Instagram/Marco Nardone: Marco Nardone’s Instagram page.

According to an ex employee, the new gigFM is using the same codebase as Fling, how much does someone want to bet he just used the Find and Replace command to do it.

[Source: Business Insider]


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