Purple Mattress Suing Blogger Over White Powder

Purple Mattress Suing Blogger Over White Powder

Hmm, so this is what the inside of a Purple Mattress looks like.

But yes, anyway, instead of Purple responding to his four questions about what this white powder was inside of his mattress, they sent a lawsuit.

Since they sued the lawsuit and had to jump on PR control, they’ve actually answered the four questions the blogger had originally asked, 4 Answers about Our Non-Toxic Plastic Powder. We’re not entirely sure how “[…] food-contact-grade plastic[…]” can be a thing.

Additionally they commissioned a study on it:

[…] So we recently commissioned studies by independent research laboratories that would produce unbiased data and give us solid conclusions.

The studies found that the number of particles from the powder in the air per cubic meter was so small that the air would qualify for a Class 6 to Class 9 cleanroom. AKA the air was VERY clean and the amount of powder emitted into the air was so small that it’s highly, highly unlikely someone or something would ever breathe much, if any, of the very small amount of powder that may get through the multiple covers of the mattress.

However they didn’t actually link to their study, which is odd. They talk about how they commissioned studies and then linked to only other peoples studies.  Perhaps theirs are still ongoing?

They instead linked to other peoples studies, which don’t go into any further detail about when or where they tested the mattress powder, we would have liked to see three studies done, a control in their factory, a test after the mattress is shipped to a consumer, and a third test done after the mattress has been slept on for 30 days.  We’re curious if the plastic powder evolves at all.

Either way, this could be seen as a warning to avoid this mattress company, or a reason to conduct more research into it on your own.




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  1. Lakawak
    September 03, 10:31

    This is a blog all right. Just ignore the fact that this “journalist” was employed by a rival company when he did the review.

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