Fake Postmates Courier sneaks into offices; highlights security issues.

Fake Postmates Courier sneaks into offices; highlights security issues.

Perhaps last week you read about Lukas Yla, “Disguised as a courier for Postmates, a food delivery service, Yla visited 40 prospective tech and creative employers bearing boxes of donuts from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a popular pastry shop.”

But as cute and adorable as this was, does the fact that someone was so easily able to dress up as a Postmates courier raise any red flags?

He was able to personally deliver a box to the majority of his goods to the intended recipients, some required him to leave the package with reception.

Not Lukas Yla. Stock Photo.

But is this something that Postmates should be taking a hard look at? Imagine if this someone pretending to be a UPS or FedEx delivery courier, what if they weren’t delivering baked treats. Should postmates step up their security game?



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