Fake Advertising: Is Buck Mason USA stretching the truth about their GQ Quote?

Buck Mason USA is quoting GQ a few times in their ads, one of them is:

“Every good wardrobe starts with the perfect white tee” which we can find here.

However our concern is this quote, “The Best T-Shirt in the Game” – GQ, which we actually can’t find.

Sadly that one quote isn’t the only one we’re having problems finding.

“Affordable and style-conscious basics” – WSJ

Can’t find this WSJ quote at all.

“Making ‘made in USA’ fashion affordable” – CNN

This quote comes back to this article, however the quote seems to be from the headline, “Brands try to make ‘made in USA’ fashion affordable”, there is nothing inside of the article that follows that quote.

“Men’s clothes with a classic, minimalist aesthetic” – Inc.

Not so much a review of their product but a description.

Other Buck Mason USA Quotes

We’ll reach out and see if we can find out a tad more about their ‘mis-quotes’.

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