Lawrence Hunt: Bad Marketing, Faded Colors, and Poor Patterns

UPDATE 1, 6/16/2017: As of June 10, 2017, Lawrence Hunt reached out to us and offered us an opportunity to review their shirt, we declined. Our post is meant to highlight their poor marketing, their overall design, and the faded colors in their campaign, using images that they choose.

These images were posted on their Facebook AD, their website, and around the internet. Those images highlighted faded colors where the two patterns meet, and that the patterns that did not align properly.  We hope they took our feedback into consideration and perhaps they have altered their design.

UPDATE 2, 6/21/2017: One of their customers has reviewed their shirt, and left them a 4 our of 5 star review, it seems they gave it a great review, “The mesh material in the armpits is super noticeable. If you like to wear a shirt/tie/vest, anyone that is looking will notice the different material… “.

Known to them as a “Dress shirt that ‘beat sweat'”, Lawrence Hunt is currently filling up my Facebook sponsored post section.

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The first thing that caught my eye was that they have solved the ‘sweat’ problem that exists with button-down shirts, instead of encouraging the user to wear more deodorant, they have solved it by sewing in a thicker piece of fabric or another type of fabric directly under your armpit?  Might not have been the most elegant solution, usually with button-downs when the pattern doesn’t change in certain areas it doesn’t lead your eye directly do the problem. Now you have a sudden texture change directly where you don’t want people to focus.  Talk about poor design, a simple fix would be to keep the pattern aligned or build the entire shirt out of the ‘fancy’ fabric, but now you’ve raised the costs and killed any profit, so that’s not going to happen.

See more of their fancy ‘patterns’, this is definitely an AVOID and buyer beware.

© Lawrence Hunt Fashion

© Lawrence Hunt Fashion

© Lawrence Hunt Fashion


© Lawrence Hunt Fashion


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Not worth the $79 price.